Daily Meal Plan

The menu below is based on a 10 hour eating window.

Adjust timings accordingly

Alternate Meal Ideas

Breakfast Options

(V* Vegetarian)

Salad Ideas

(V* Vegetarian)

Dinner Ideas

(V* Vegetarian)

Snack Options

Note for Vegetarians

Eat meal can be easily modified for vegetarians by swapping out meat/poultry sources for vegetarian options.

Quorn have a great range of products such as mince/fillets etc.

Although processed these are high sources of protein and a great substitute. 

I also recommend modern bakery who make "protein bread/wraps".

Having high protein in your diet is essential to reducing bodyfat, so it's key to ensure

you are including protein with each meal. As generally a vegetarian diet will typically

be low in protein.

Additional Recipes Ideas

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