Nutritional Guidelines

Remember there's no such thing has following a "diet".
Whatever we eat on a daily basis is our diet, whether it's good or bad. 


Food Guidelines

So on this plan, we are aiming to eat 3 meals per day with a bridge meal inbetween.
Protein Source with complex carbs
Protein Source matched with salad
Protein Source matched with vegetables



What to eat

All foods are divided into 3 categories:
Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.
With everything there are the good and the bad.
So with our plan we are aiming to improve our food choices and make healthy swaps.
Below are a list of healthy food sources for a balanced diet.

 Protein Sources 


 Healthy Fats 

Lean Beef
Greek Yogurt
Protein Bread
Kidney Beans
Whey Protein
Cottage Cheese
Quorn products
Brown Rice
Sweet Potato
Bulgar Wheat
Wholegrain Bread
Wholegrain Pasta
Natural Peanut Butter
Egg Yolk
Olive Oil

Supplements (optional)

Supplements are a tool to ensure you are getting everything you need from your diet.
Here are my recommendations for supplements that's worth getting.
Whey Protein Powder
Don't be scared of this ladies, you won't end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
Whey protein comes from the process of making cheese. It's completely harmless and great way to increase protein intake in our diet.
You can use a whey protein shake as a way to help you increase your protein intake.

1. Optimum Whey Gold Standard.
This is the number 1 protein supplement in the world, it's cost effective however a little higher in carbs
1. Fuse Lean Formula 
This is the highest quality whey protein your will find, however does cost a little more.
Recommend for
Cost effective
Recommend for
Highest quality

What to look for in the Whey protein.
- Low in sugar

- Low in Carbohydrates

- Low in saturated fat

- Around 24 grams of protein in one serving

- Calories around 100-130 calories per serving

Multi Vitamin
Vitamins and minerals are essential for the bodies regular functioning.
We aim to get these from our diet, however taking a multivitamin supplement helps ensure we are meeting our bodies needs.
Consult with your local pharmacist on which is the best type for you.
(Variations occur depending on age, sex and lifestyle)
Nutrition Centre recommends "New Chaptor Every Man/Woman"
Fish oil increases insulin sensitivity (low insulin sensitivity makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Fish Oil  helps reduce inflammation which speeds up recovery.
Studies have shown it to aid in fat loss, increase muscle gain and help lubricate your joints.
Consult with your local pharmacist on which is the best type for you.
Nutrition Centre recommends "New Chaptor Wholemega" 
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